The Mother Shirts
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"The Mother Shirts" is an extraordinary encyclopedia based on research of shirts from private collections, assembled with meticulous care, taste and passion by Alberto and Alessandro Cacciavillani twin brothers and designers. This volume introduces us to a wide variety of shirts from around the world creating a multi cultural, multi ethnic current, one that has played an important part in dictating contemporary shirt design. "The Mother Shirts" is a fascinating chronicle that presents quintessential designs from all over the world and throughout history - from the candor of the Swiss pastoral to the embroidery of Mexico and the marvelous patterns of southwestern motifs, from the cultured forms of domestic Japanese clothing to the warm and scintillating fabrics of western lingerie. A splendid collection with a punctilious description of details and places of origin - a precious volume that will make us become thoroughly familiar with one of our closest companions, the shirt.
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