Cacciavillani Works was established by twins Alberto and Alessandro Cacciavillani. They attended the Fashion and Costume Academy in Rome and entered the world of fashion when they were very young. In 1973 they collaborated with many important brands and shops and worked as cinema costume designers in Rome. In 1974 they were signed by Adriano Goldschmied at King Jeans Cortina, which represented along with Fiorucci one of the most important young-fashion labels. After this important experience they established a style office called Dress Idea with Gegè Schiena. After this period of maturity they decided to establish Cacciavillani Works, a style office which began to collaborate with the most famous made-in-Italy labels.


They also devote time to create brands which would be manufactured by licence. The huge experience that the Cacciavillani twins have made in these years has helped them to create new and innovative projects. Thanks to its highly-trained collaborators, this style office is able to give birth to huge projects and to deal with every aspect of them. This important aspect of Cacciavillani Works has helped to grow in size and to find many new important customers interested in polished style and professional service. You will find all this at Cacciavillani Works. Try and see........

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Cacciavillani Works - Via Croci 10 A - 35030 - Baone, Pd - Italy. Phone X39/0429/603286 - Fax X39/0429/603286

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